Diminution in value

How will accident damage affect a vehicle's value, even once repaired? Would you pay the same for a vehicle that has undergone considerable repairs, compared to an identical vehicle with an untarnished history?

Collision Engineers understands that while it may take an engineer to examine the vehicle, it requires extensive motor trade/dealer experience to quantify the phenomenon that is, Diminution in value.

We are proud to have our own designated department to deal with diminution and to conduct pioneering research into this field. Our deep motor trade roots mean that we have built extensive evidence to help support each individual case on its own merits. We can also offer our assessment of counter claims for defendant insurers.

Our diminution department can offer:

  • Physical examination of the vehicle within 24 hours
  • Electronic PDF copy of our clear and comprehensive report
  • Detailed colour images
  • Analysis of supporting repair documents
  • An accurate valuation, back dated to the time of loss
  • Exploration of the 'real world' impact on value
  • CPR compliant report addressed to the court
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